Joyful Obedience

less weight...more wonder | taught by Jeff Meyer
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Jeff Meyer
Jeff Meyer

About the instructor

Jeff Meyer is a pastor and visionary church strategist that has been participating in the transformation of his church from a traditional, attractional,  institution to a missional training center using the principles and methods that provide the foundation and ethos for the Sardis Collective. He serves the church at large through professional missional coaching and training to individuals and churches interested in awakening their missional intelligence. He serves as a speaker to various groups, provoking and encouraging Jesus-followers to be practitioners of Truth instead of merely consumers of knowledge.

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About The January Cohort

 Joyful Obedience Gallery

Discover The Joy

"Restore to me the joy of your salvation and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me." Psalm 51:12

This foundational course on the missional lifestyle will help any Jesus-follower who is weighed down by obligation and duty discover and embrace the freedom and joy of obedience. 

Enjoy Maximum Benefit

In order to receive the optimum result of this course, it is helpful to first understand the distinction between students and apprentices. Students can get by with learning information. Apprentices acquire skills by implementing and practicing behaviors. Living out our calling as Jesus-followers is like any other learned behavior, the new behavior sticks as we put it into practice repeatedly. Therefore, the apprentice taking this course or attending this gallery will:

  • Watch the short video prompt.
  • Complete the exercises for each session
  • Participate in the general Discussion. Comment on existing questions, or post your own pertinent question.
  • Share your learning in each session's Collective. For example, here is the Collective for Session 1. We are given courage to learn new behaviors in community with others on the journey.
  • Engage with Jeff and others participating in the January Cohort on our regular Check-in Webinars. One of the distinguishing marks of the Sardis Collective is the engagement between artisan and apprentice. Should you have any questions or coachable issues, Jeff is here to encourage and support you throughout the duration of this cohort.


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Course Contents

6 Videos
6 Texts
3 PDFs
6 Disqus